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Cancellation / Test Day Transfer/ Change of Module

Request for an additional Test Report Form

Enquiry on Results (EOR)

Cancellation / Test Day Transfer / Change of Module


If you wish to cancel your test, please submit this cancellation form by 12pm, 5 days prior to your test day. The cancellation fee of 6,050 JPY will be charged. Any requests made after the above deadline are not refundable.

Test takers who wish to cancel their test within 5 days before the test date will receive a refund for the below cases:

  • Serious illness (This does not include minor illness such as a cold) or serious injury

  • Loss or bereavement – death of a close family member

  • Lengthy delays or cancellation of public transport

※Submission of documents such as a medical certificate is required.

Test Day Transfer / Change of Module

If you wish to transfer your test day or change your module, please submit a request form by 12pm, 5 days prior to your test day. Please select the date you wish to transfer your test day to from this link. The administrative fee of 6,050 JPY will be charged.

※We will change your module with free of charge when you submit your request within 48 hours after completing your payment. However, we cannot do so within 5 days before your test day.

Request for an additional Test Report Form

You may request up to 5 additional copies of Test Report Form (TRF) to be sent to any universities, academic institutions, government agencies, or professional bodies free of charge within 2 years after your test day. More than 5 TRFs are subject to an extra fee (1,200JPY for each TRF). These are sent directly to the institutions you request. If they accept electronic submission of TRF, the test centre will send it electronically via IELTS online system. Electronic TRFs are provided free of charge regardless of the number of the request.

To request an additional TRF, click here.

IELTS on Computer

For those who have taken IELTS on Computer on or after the below dates and would like to apply for an additional TRF, please click here and follow the instructions.

Tokyo-Takadanobaba (JP112)
5th December 2023~

Osaka-Nishi Umeda (JP114)
9th December 2023~

Kyoto University (JP114)
10th December 2023~

Enquiry on Results (EOR)

To be fair to all test takers, if you are not happy with your results, you can apply for an Enquiry on Results (EOR) within 6 weeks after your test date. The EOR fee is 15,000 JPY and it is fully refunded when your final scores change.

To apply for an EOR, click here.

Important Notice

– There is no appeal after this remark and the decision is final.

– If final scores change after the EOR, the test centre will issue a new Test Report Form. You must send the original Test Report Form back to the test centre after receiving the new Test Report Form.


  • When can I apply for an EOR?

    The request must be made within 6 weeks after your test day.

  • Do you accept my EOR request though I took the test at a different test centre?

    No. JSAF accepts request only from those who took the test at JP112 or JP114. You must check the test centre number on your Test Report Form and contact the correct test centre.

  • How long will EOR process take?

    It will be processed within 2-4 weeks.

  • How can I pay an EOR fee?

    JSAF will accept Japanese bank transfer only. Any transfer from overseas will not be accepted.

<Bank transfer> ※Japanese bank only.

Mizuho Bank, Takadanobaba Branch, Saving Account, 4022994
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