IELTS チャイルド・プロテクション・ポリシーIELTS Child Protection Policy





子どもとは、18歳の誕生日を迎えていない人(UNCRC 1989)と定義され、子どもがいる国や自国の成人年齢には関係ありません。


✔ 子どもを大切にし、尊重し、子どもの声に耳を傾けること
✔ スタッフを採用する際には、必要なチェックを確実に行うこと
✔ スタッフのための強力な児童保護システムと手順を維持すること
✔ スタッフのトレーニングを行い、子どもの保護に関する問題について共通の理解を得て、計画や実践に役立てること
✔ 子どものデータ保護の権利を守ること
✔ 懸念事項に関する情報を関連機関と共有し、親と子が適切に関与すること
✔ 明確なプロセス、監督、支援を通じて、スタッフを効果的に管理すること




・Consent Form for Minors(未成年受験者のための同意書)※こちらに必ずご署名の上、指定期日までにご提出ください。(指定期日はメールで届きます。)


IELTS Child Protection Policy

IELTS believes that child protection requires everyone to take responsibility and that every child matters. We recognise that the care, protection and welfare of children are paramount and that all children have the right to be protected from all types of harm or abuse. This includes a responsibility to protect children from any harm or risk.

We aim to achieve this through compliance with all applicable laws and by adhering to Article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989.

A child is defined as anyone who has not reached their 18th birthday (UNCRC 1989) irrespective of the age of majority in the country where the child is, or in their home country.

In relation to the management, recognition and administration of the IELTS test, IELTS is committed to:

✔valuing, respecting and listening to children

✔ensuring all necessary checks are made when recruiting staff

✔maintaining strong child protection systems and procedures for staff

✔training its staff and providing a common understanding of child protection issues to inform planning and practice

✔protecting the data protection rights of children

✔sharing information about any concerns with the relevant agencies and involving parents and children appropriately

✔providing effective management for staff through clear processes, supervision and support.

We will provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and will ensure it is communicated and understood. IELTS will review this global policy statement annually to reflect new legal and regulatory developments and ensure good practice.

Consent Form for Minors

A minor who is under 18 years old must complete and submit “Consent Form for Minors” to JSAF IELTS test centre at least 7 calendar days before the test.

If this applies to you, you will receive an email from JSAF IELTS test centre.